Effective hairdressers deserve a good salary 🤩

Do you want to be part of a team that thrives at work and where there are good salary arrangements? Do you have a focus on professional development and quality?

We are looking for skilled hairdressers who like to work in a fun and varied everyday life. 

If you have a passion for the subject, good communication with customers and a desire for professional development within techniques and trends, this is the place for you. HairCuts is a hairdressing chain with all hairdressing services, and with drop-in only.

With us, you get a safe and good workplace. We put our employees in focus and we are proud that we have many hairdressers who have been with us since the start. We believe that efficient hairdressers deserve a good salary and you get one of the industry's best salary arrangements with a high guaranteed salary (above the tariff) and, in addition, commission.

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Østfold, Vestfold and Akershus

We currently have 5 departments. Two in Østfold, Sellebakk and Rolvsøy. Two in Vestfold, Tønsberg and Sandefjord. One in Akershus, Fjellhamar.

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What our hairdressers say about HairCuts

Silje Sætre
Silje Sætre Hairdresser 15 years, 7 years in HairCuts - Sellebakk
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The best thing for me about working at HairCuts is the good environment we have at work. Every day is not the same, but always just as fun. I look forward to going to work and being with my colleagues, who have become like friends to me. It is good to have a safe workplace with good routines and a focus on well-being in everyday life.
My experience of working with drop in is only positive. I remember when I started 7 years ago and was skeptical about dropping in. - It was completely new to me, but that idea changed relatively quickly. I like that we get to work independently and challenge ourselves. After working with drop in for almost 8 years, so that's probably enough answer to how much fun it is to work with drop in.

I would recommend others to work at HairCuts if you are looking for an incredibly good environment, good colleagues/friends, and to have a more exciting, fun and challenging everyday life! If you feel that you are standing in the same place all the time, HairCuts is for you! You get so much more experience when you only do drop-in versus hourly booking, because you can't plan your everyday life, you have to take what's in the queue, and automatically then you get more experience! Can only thank HairCuts for all the experience I have gained, and how much better hairdresser drop in has made me. After I started in HairCuts, I am no longer afraid and unsure of challenges, I take it head on!
Jeanette HÃ¥voll Olsen
Jeanette Håvoll OlsenHairdresser 9 years, 1 year in HairCuts- Tønsberg
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The best thing about HairCuts is that we work in a team, collaborate incredibly well and, not least, have a very good working environment. There are also good opportunities for personal development in the subject. I really like the drop in concept and following it I work much more efficiently. - So to speak, no "dead time". Due to the good working environment, the fact that we work in a team and good salary conditions, I would recommend HairCuts as an employer.
Melda Melby
Melda MelbyHairdresser 9 years, 4 years in HairCuts- Fjellhamar
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The best thing about working at Haircuts is that I feel at home here. In previous hairdressing salons I have worked for, I felt uncomfortable. HairCuts let you be who you are, and don't force you to follow a certain way.

My experience after working in many salons, both with appointment booking and drop-in, I always fall back to drop-in. You constantly get new challenges from the various customers. Here you can get everything from normal after-growth color to the big changes where you can just let your thoughts and creativity flow without having to think about time in relation to the next customer. I would say that I have developed a lot as a hairdresser, but also as a person through my work. I enjoy working with so many different hairdressers and clients.

I would recommend others to work for HairCuts due to the good working hours which are adapted to family life and the salary arrangements. I look forward to going to work every morning, because my colleagues are like an extra family. We are friends, we have fun together and it is teamwork. It has been one of the things I have missed in other salons I work in.
Saba Bjerknes
Saba BjerknesHairdresser 9 years, 4 years in Haircuts - Tønsberg
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The best thing about working at Haircuts is all the nice colleagues and the wonderful managers. My experience of working in a drop-in salon only is that sometimes it can be stressful (which I like), but at the same time you can have regular customers. The advantage is that if you are ill, you do not need to call your customers to book a new appointment. I would recommend others to work at HairCuts because it is enjoyable and you develop a lot as a hairdresser.
Wojciech Iwanski
Wojciech IwanskiHairdresser 16 years, 1 year in Haircuts - Sandefjord
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I like working at HairCuts, because there are large premises and that there are so many products to work with. It's a good team. I think that working with drop-ins only is much better for us hairdressers and for the industry. I would recommend working in HairCuts because there is a high number of clients, professional managers and colleagues.